PTFE coated studs, bolts and nuts

PTFE coated fastener’s provides exceptional corrosion resistance, low coefficient of friction, consistent tensioning and subsequent ease of installation and removal.

Extensive testing and field use have proven that the future of coated fastener’s lies with Fluoropolymer coatings. Previously hot dip, galvanized, cadium or zinc plated fastener’s were considered the standard. But these coatings could not stand up to the corrosive atmospheres prevalent in many industries. The most widely used application is on B7 studs with 2H nuts.

Dramatic improvements in efficiency, life expectancy and corrosion resistance are claimed to be imparted to Nut and Bolt connectors by the application of a low friction PTFE coating. PTFE coated connectors have out-performed all others in aggressive any noticeable effect.

Ptfe – Fluorocarbon Coating – Xylan 1070 / Xylan 1024 Blue / Red

Ceramic Filled Fluorocarbon Coating – Xylar 1 or Xylar 2 and Xylan 1070

PTFE Advantages

  • Low co-efficient of friction as low as 0.06
  • Controlled Torque
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Temperature Resistance from -225°C to +290°C
  • Dry Lubrication / Anti-galling
  • Abrasion / Wear Resistance & Anti Corrosion
  • Corrosion Resistance(ASTM B117) 500 to 5000 hours

PTFE coating on fasteners will have thickness range from 25± 5 microns to 45± 5 microns

Xylan® Coatings

Xylan® Coatings are a family of fluoropolymer coatings designed for use on various types of OEM components and fasteners to prevent corrosion and increase the life of the product. Most Xylan® coatings contain PTFE or other types of lubricants and are applied in thin films. Scroll down to see the Xylan® coatings we offer and their individual uses.

Xylan® Coating Process Provides:

  • Lubrication and controlled friction
  • Wear resistance
  • Heat resistance
  • Nonstick and release properties
  • Corrosion protection
Technical Specifications
Use Temperatures Working temp. range up to + 260°C
Corrosioin Resistance Salt Spray (ASTM B117) up to 3,000 hrs (Nuts not frozen)
Pencil Hardness 5H – 6H (ASTM D3363-92A)
Kinetic Friction Coefficient 0.06 – 0.08
Thickness Nominal 0.001” (1 mil)
Impact 160 in lb (ASTM D2794-93)
Adhesion 5B (ASTM D3359-95)
Elongation 35%-50%
Tensile Strength 4,000 psi
Operating Pressure Up to 100,000 psi

PTFE coating on fastener’s will have a uniform thickness of 20 ± 5 microns to 45± 5 microns thick.