Fluoropolymer lined products

The Lined Pipe System finds use in industries like Chemical, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Food Fertilizers, etc… A majority of these industries make use of highly corrosive and hazardous acids and solvents in their processing applications. Being highly acidic and corrosive in nature, these chemicals tend to corrode and eat away the steel piping used as conveyors, rendering the system useless and unsafe for further use. Corrosion engineers are fast realising the long-term benefits of using high performance fluoropolymers to prevent corrosion of process piping systems.
We do PTFE lined 90° and 45° elbows, tees, reducers, reducing flanges, blind flanges, spacers dip pipes, spargers and thermocouple.

Selection of lining material as per your Temperature Requirement

In the chemical process industries, the temperature & method of the lining materials must be carefully selected. We recommend following virgin plastics resin as per their max temperature ratings :

  • PTFE : 250ºC
  • PFA : 220ºC
  • PVDF : 150ºC
  • PP : 100 ºC
  • HDPE : 70ºC
Technical Specifications
Pipe Specifications ASTM A 106 Gr. B, ANSI B36. 10 SCH 40/80
Flange Specifications ASTM A 105; A 181; ANSI B16.5 ASA 150/300 TYPE
Fittings Specifications ASTM A234 GRWPB, A 106 GR. B; ANSI B16.9; B16.5
Lining As per ASTM F 1545 Type III. Other liner material  such FEP/PVDF/PFA available on request
Lining Thickness 2-3 mm. (higher thickness for vacuum service)
Operating Pressure Up to 20 bar / 250 psi
Operating Temperature From -50ºc to 250º c.
Tests 10 kv Spart test / Hydro-testing:- From 10 psi to 430 psi.

Advantages of PTFE Lining

  • High Chemical Resistance
  • High Temperature Resistance
  • Non Contamination
  • Low Cost
  • Maintenance Free
  • Long Durability

Application Area & Industries

  • Where highly corrosive materials are used in any area of chemical process industries
  • Where product purity is critical
  • Where environmental pollution is to be avoided
  • Where pipe replacement is difficult or impossible

We offer fully Lined valve range in PFA/FEP/PVDF or PP as per the requirements in order to provide complete solutions to CPI and related industries for their corrosion problems.