A few words about our company
Reliable Polymer Industries and Maharashtra Engineering Supply Agency is an asscoiate company providing solutions for corrosion to oil & gas, offshore rigs & platforms, shipping, chemical, pharmaceutical and various process industries. We are specialised in all types of Fluoropolymer coating &  linings. We undertake PTFE (MESALAN)™  coating on all kinds of fasteners, rollers, machinery and pharmaceutical parts, plastic moulds, sealing belt, PTFE lined pressure gauges, pipes & fittings, thermowell, electromagnetic flow meter, glass tube rotameter, side mounted level switch and other automation parts along with PVDF coating on aluminium sections.

Our products are widely used in oil and gas plant, chemical plants, textile, pharmaceutical and various other engineering industries.
 Why choose us
Working with customers to understand their needs is high on our priority and provides the best opportunity to achieve the best solution for each different application. Our service is formulated to provide you with the very best choice of coating system that will add value to your product and assist you in your business growth by focussing our attention to your requirements, thus giving your product a competitive advantage.

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